Wednesday WAR Strength & Conditioning

I Saw IT

It's interesting when you analyze a long period of clarity; and what it does to the way you perceive yourself, and even life. You come to realize the peace that accompanies the experience of prolonged clarity. You start recognizing, and seeing glimpses of a different person being formed. I really can't fully describe what I'm trying to get across to you all, but as of lately, in my own life, I have recognized the benefits clarity has to offer. I'm really starting to get my mind around what has to happen to live a happy life full of nothing but clarity.

Prolonged clarity opens you up to a more heightened state of mind where you are more receptive to all that surrounds you. Of course struggles and stresses are still hard, but you learn to rely on something other than yourself during these times, meaning a belief in something greater than us; things that we often times can't even comprehend or see. A belief in a higher power that guides and strengthens us as we continue to seek IT and improve ourselves; and by working on our relationship with that higher power; and coming to realize that just as with any relationship, it has to be worked on diligently.There is something that slowly guides and strengthens us as we seek an obedient life. There is something that whispers into our minds, and leads us on an upward journey as we continue to make correct choices. This hidden guidance is not immediate; it's a slow going, active living thing in our lives if we allow it to be. Some people will never fully come to recognize, nor understand the forces that lay behind the scenes of life, only because these forces cannot be seen, therefore they don't believe that they really exist. This hidden guidance comes from having faith, and only works if you seek to understand IT. This hidden guidance comes as we continue to seek an obedient life full of charitable acts; which only then will we be able to fully comprehend the hidden hand that has been nudging and guiding us the entire time. Only then will we be able to see clearly what IT truly was that helped us to change.Some people might ask what an obedient life might entail. In my humble opinion, living an obedient life is different for everybody. For me it's clarity in mind, body, and spirit. Its balancing spirituality, work, hobbies, and my family life. It's keeping my mind enlightened to the good things of this world, such as: God, family, healthy relationships, and being a charitable person-  are just to name a few. Obedience is a series of correct choices. Correct choices lead to a correct and progressive life. If you or I live a life full of charitable acts coupled with correct choices, good things can only come, we just have to have faith and believe that we have help as long as we continue to actively seek IT through obedience.Life's a trip when you think about it.  It almost seems surreal at times. The longer I go leading this clear life I start to recognize the innocent child in myself. I start having glimpses and thoughts similar to those when I was young. I seem to be able to remember my past more clearly; and the peace that I once felt before depression and addiction creeped into my life. I'm starting to really believe that we can get our life back; and that we can become as an innocent child again, free from addiction, depression, and self doubt; we can be healed.- Hawk