Tuesday WAR Strength & Conditioning

Natural Flashlight

WAR WorkoutA1. OHS 3 Reps X 5    Rest 20 secondsA2. 15 Pull Ups X 5 (Adv.CTB)    Rest 2 Minutes    +For Time Complete 21,15,9 reps of:Hang High Pulls (115,95,75)KBS (70,55)GYM NOTE: It's 5 challenging work sets on the OHS, let's see where you're at. Try and get 15 unbroken on the Pullups. The high hang pull and the KBS are similar movements.  I want you to focus on hips, hips, hips. Remember-the hips go before the pull. Good efficient crisp technique. Technique over hurry and getting done.Halloween and Childlike Thinking:As I watch my kids run around trick or treating I couldn't help but think about the innocence children have.  It isn't until we grow older and succumb to the ways of the world that we eventually lose our childlike innocence.  I have however noticed the innocence coming back into my own life as I continue to progress in this WAR Lifestyle.  Just tonight, while taking my kids trick or treating, I remembered positive things from my childhood that brought so much joy to my mind.  I really felt at peace, and almost childlike in a way. I'm starting to see, and fully believe that the mind and brain can be healed, and that we can experience the peace and joy we once treasured throughout our youth; before addiction and depression creeped into our lives.  Addiction feeds depression, and depression feeds addiction.  Think about it - we feel depressed so we want to take something that makes us feel better.  Once we feel better, that better can't last because what we took was temporary and immediate, therefore it leads to deeper depression, in which we never can find that balance or happiness.  I don't remember at any time during my youth that this was the case. Yeah - I realize that as we grow older we have more responsibilities and more to worry about, but that's just life right?  We have to learn to deal with these things and not run directly to some form of a head change.  We have to become like children again, and just roll with the punches.  Some things to think about - come ready to discuss in the classroom1)Think about how your brain has changed since you have started WAR.  2)Think about prolonged clarity and the person you are becoming3)Think about long term happiness; happiness that is real; happiness that you have to work for; happiness that isn't immediate (immediate happiness is fake). HAPPINESS DOES NOT COME THROUGH A PILL - WHY?4) Think about exercise, and it's role in lifting the mood. EXERCISE AS A TOOL TO FEEL HAPPY.5) Motivation... I want to talk about what motivates you and I to live this Elite WAR Lifestyle. Think about life performance: Family, Career, Effective Communication, likable, progress, Amazing Human Being, Change, Charity, Light, etc.