Monday WAR Strength & Conditioning

Sunday Hike to Malans

WAR WorkoutAMCalorieRowsAP in 10 MinutesGYM NOTE: Go hard on this. This isn't a casual 10 minute row, it's basically, hop on the rower and go as hard as you can for 10 Minutes. This workout should challenge you mentally. You are going to want to quit or slow down, fight through it and find out how far you can go physically and mentally. Good luck.The WAR Experience:This WAR program is all about creating unique experiences through  being active in mind, body and spirit. What I mean by this is creating experiences that are unique to your current character and routine. The only way you'll change through this WAR lifestyle is by thinking outside the box, and doing things that you wouldn't normally do; this helps you to grow in a different direction. This helps you to get high a new way. For example, let's take the hike I programmed for the Saturday Journey. A small few may have done it, but most probably didn't do it. The people who aren't participating in these remote workouts really aren't grasping the concept of the WAR lifestyle. I'm promoting a LIFESTYLE. I'll say it again "I'm promoting a LIFESTYLE". I'll say it again "I'm Promoting a LIFESTYLE" which we call the WAR lifestyle. That Saturday hike was to help you see life from a different angle; it was to get you to experience nature, fitness and spirituality all in one setting; essentially uniting mind, body and spirit. If I program a remote run, make time in your day, and go do it!! Be proactive in your thinking regarding this WAR Lifestyle. Look for the ultimate WAR experience. Last week I programmed Turkish Get Ups coupled with a run; I wanted to create a unique, remote experience. I mentioned in my post for that particular day to do your Turkish Get Ups out on the grass, in the sun, while enjoying the beautiful fall weather, and I still had some people doing them in the gym - on the black hard floor. Now there's nothing wrong with this, and I love all of you who did this, but the fact of the matter is that you obviously weren't looking for the "Experience" in the workout. You weren't searching for anything; you were just trying to get the workout done as fast as possible while hurting your knees, and having a less than enjoyable experience in the gym; all the while the sun and beautiful grass awaited you outside - ha ha.  I love you guys, but I had to use you as an example. I'm promoting outside the box thinking. Outside the box thinking is what keeps people motivated. Outside the box thinking leads to creativity. Outside the box thinking is what leads people to change. Outside the box thinking helps people grow in a different direction. Don't be afraid to switch it up. Don't be afraid to be weird. Look for the WAR experience in everything you do. That's all I've got - thanks.