Friday WAR Strength & Conditioning

Field of Dreams

WAR WorkoutA. Split Jerk Cluster - x 4    Rest 3 minB. Push Jerk Touch&Go tough 7 Reps x 3    Rest 1 MinuteC. KBS heavy 20 Reps x 3    Rest 1 minD. AMRepsAP Double Unders in 10 minutesGYM NOTE: On the split jerk cluster you will do 1, rest 10 seconds, 1 rest 10 seconds, 1 rest 10 seconds, 1 rest 10 seconds; then rest 3 minutes X 4. For a lot of you, we are really only working on the technique of this movement, so loads won't particularly matter; however I do want you to attempt to move up weight each individual cluster. You more advanced, this should be a good challenge for you as you start with a heavy load, and look to increase each cluster - challenge yourself. Good confident straight down dip through your heals, hips have to open, drive bar momentum up, and then quick under the bar into the split. Your front leg needs to meet your back leg half way on the stand up. Front leg moves back first, this is important as the loads increase. Part B will be touch and go push Jerk, challenge yourself.  Part D, we are working hard on double Unders. Let's see how many you can get in 10 minutes. Be disciplined on the rest - even between movements (A,B,C,D) Thanks.

I really like OPT's definition of fitness.  I like how he uses the term "Evolving Journey and exploration of the connection between spirit, mind, and body".  That's so sick!!  I'm thankful for all I've learned from OPT. 

What is Fitness?

"An evolving journey and exploration of the connection between spirit, mind and body WHILE attempting to discover physical potential WHILE leading to discovering purpose and producing longevity of oneself."-James Fitzgerald - OPT