Thursday WAR Strength & Conditioning

The Eclipse

WAR WorkoutPart 1:Run 5 min @ Converstion Pace (Warm Up)+Run 30 sec @ high tempo working on breathingWalk 30 sec briskly x 10+Run 5 min @ Conversation Pace (cool down)Part 2:50 Turkish Get Ups for time (55,35)GYM NOTE: We've gotta take advantage of this weather while we can - so I want you to take a little run Journey. Go whatever which way you want.  Bring a watch/stop watch.  For you that come later bring reflective gear and a head lamp, or get the run portion in sometime during the day at the local track - yours is to chose; either way it should be magical. You can do the Turkish get ups on some grass, gym floor, or wherever you want - I recommend grass. Thoughts, worries, and then finally confidence concerning the future:Who knows what the future holds, I don’t – no one does.  All we can really do is make the best possible decisions, and invest the necessary time and effort in improving ourselves and those around us.  I think the more and more we invest our time and energy in the service of others, we actually improve not only our own situation, but also those who are apart of our “sphere of influence”.  I constantly analyze how my life is going to be down the road, and I’ve come to one conclusion. Regardless of what happens, I know that success and happiness will be obtained if I live life through a clear lens; and constantly strive to better myself by taking the charitable approach to life.  Can you imagine such a world without greed, pride, and envy? Where everyone looked to help and serve others; never worrying about their social status, or how high up on the totum pole they were.  Think deep about this statement: “How can you not be successful if you always look to help others”?  The personal growth that comes through service to your fellow man and woman is endless. The charitable approach leads to happiness in the family; happiness in the career; happiness amongst your peers; happiness everywhere.  I'm not scared anymore as of to what the future has in store for me.  I know that if I'm obedient and diligent in living this WAR lifestyle; that all will be well, regardless of the many trials and tribulations I may face a long the way. I've come to realize that I can’t go wrong with this more charitable approach to life, for it is a win win.-Hawk