Tuesday WAR Strength & Conditioning

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WAR WorkoutA. Ring Plank Holds, 70 on 1 off X 3      +For time complete:30 chin ups (Advanced CTB Unbroken)Run 400 m25 chin ups (Advanced CTB Unbroken)Run 400 m20 chin ups (Advanced CTB Unbroken)Run 400 m15 chin ups (Advanced CTB Unbroken)      +B. Tabata Sit ups More Thoughts on Nutrition & Addiction Relationship: I have  been analyzing, as of lately, the relationship between nutrition and addiction. Just tying into my post yesterday; I think the more a person learns to be disciplined with food, they also become disciplined with not only food cravings, but drug cravings as well. Food is a very tough substance to be disciplined with; therefore if we can control our cravings for impulsive food intake, we can, in a sense, be more disciplined when we have cravings for our particular drug of choice. The biggest thing I've been thinking about lately is what motivates you and I, to stay on track with the way that we eat, as well as staying clear and sober?  There is a relationship between the two (nutrition and addiction) that I can't help but notice.  The more disciplined I am nutritionally, the more disciplined I am in staying clear.  I don't want to diminish the enhancement of life performance the nutrition is providing me with; which then leads me to consider that I also don't want to diminish how good I feel as far as clarity, energy, and overall balance of the mind, body, and spirit.  I could go on and on, and actually tie a spiritual component into this as well, but we will go into that later this week.  For now I want you to think about the fore-mentioned content .  I really want you to analyze the relationship between being disciplined nutritionally, and being disciplined in managing you addictive behavior, and how the two are related.  Post notes or anything you wish to comments. Thanks.-Hawk