Monday WAR Strength & Conditioning


WAR WorkoutPart 1:A. Snatch - build to a tough singleB. Clean Grip DL - build to a tough single Rest 10 MinutesPart 2:for time:30 HSPU OR 30 Shoulder Press (115,95)10 box jumps - 30/24"Row 1K20 HSPU OR 20 Shoulder Press (115,95)20 box jumps - 30/24"Row 1K10 HSPU OR 10 Shoulder Press (115,95)30 box jumps - 30/24"GYM NOTE: let's get in and get going on this one. Don't be late. This one should take up the entire hour. We will review the clean grip Deadlift at the beginning of class. Butt down - maintain good consistent back angle. Don't let your back angle change as you start to move the weight.  Focus on pushing your feet through the floor as opposed to pulling the weight off of the floor. The Met con is just like it sounds, get comfortable being upside down. I would rather see you upside down with slight movement/bend in the arms, as apposed to just doing shoulder press.  You have to challenge yourself to get comfortable with the HSPU, or you'll never get it. 

Nutrition Thoughts Over the Weekend: 

I think the hardest thing about succumbing to the natural mans way of eating is that it brings you down to the level of the majority of the populations nutritional lifestyle.  You go from a unique, heightened state of nutritional clarity, to that of the average everyday person.  There is something about living at a higher standard of eating.  There is something about being disciplined with food.  I think the motivation to stay heightened nutritionally comes from the enhancement of life performance that it provides us with. Properly fueling ourself leads to enhanced life performance; meaning that there is a noticeable improvement in our everyday performance in life.  We are better at almost everything when we're eating healthy.  We are more patient, confident, energetic, disciplined; and most of all, our mental acuity is higher, which then allows us to work harder and longer, both professionally and in our family life.