Monday WAR Strength & Conditioning

Way of Light

The next WAR 12 Week Session Starts Monday October 31st. If you know anyone that is interested please refer them to me so we can set up a consultation with them, and find out if they are a fit for the program. Thanks 

WAR WorkoutA. Build to a tough single in the Clean & Jerk    +4 Rounds for time of:750 Meter Row30 Double Unders15 BurpeesGYM NOTE: We will work on the split jerk technique at the beginning of class. Let's try to get a higher load than last week on the clean and jerk. Remember, the heavier you go, the deeper in the squat you'll need to catch it due to the fact that you won't be able to pull it as high. If you can power clean it, that's great, then there is no need to catch it in the squat. The more you get into this lift youll have to evaluate where your front squat is at, as well as your Deadlift/high pull. All these lifts tie into each other in one way or another. The met con is what it is. Thanks.