Friday Red Session Week 6

Purple Night

PROGRAM NOTE: Man it has been fun to see all of you progress through this WAR program.  Many of you are shaping and molding a new lifestyle for yourselves, and its pretty incredible to watch. Living the WAR lifestyle to the fullest is a consistent slow going process that just doesn't happen overnight.  No one good thing is immediate.  There are no short cuts to living a happy, peaceful, clear life; it takes diligent effort, and then through that dilligent effort you will finally see the lifestyle that has  taken form in your life, and you will recognize the natural peace that comes through living the WAR lifestyle. As mentioned before, the results aren't immediate, but with time you will see all that this WAR program has to offer.  The WAR program is limitless in what it will provide your life with.  Thanks again for all that you do.WAR WorkoutA. Clean and Jerk - build to a tough single in a few sets    Rest 3 MinutesB. Hang Power Clean & Jerk 7 reps X 3    Rest 30 secondsC. Pull Ups 10 Reps X 5 (Supinated Grip)    Rest 30 seconds    +Rest 8 MinutesRow Sprints:25 sec @ max effort x 2     Rest 1:35       Rest 4 min25 sec @ max effort x 2     Rest 1:35 WAR Weekend Assignment: Create a testimonial of how you’ve changed over the past 6-12 weeks. Write some goals down of where you want to improve (In the Gym, Classroom, Journal topics, etc). Write about some experiences you’ve encountered, and recognize the positive impact this program has had on your life.  Make it happen Cap’n.