Thursday Red Session Week 6

Calm Down

WAR Workout

3 Rounds For Time of:30 Double Unders OR 20 Box Jumps (20 inch)10 Front Squat (155,100)10 BurpeesGYM NOTE: This is a good one. We will do some core work and technique work for about the first 30 Minutes of class. I want to review some clean and snatch issues I have seen, as well as some of the simple gymnastic movements (Pull Ups, Air Squat, Double Unders, etc), in a sense, the first part of class will be an in depth review of some of the key WAR movements. Come ready to learn and improve.

Classroom Discussion

A. WAR Assignment: I want you to analyze your WAR experience so far.  What changes have taken place in your life?  Do you feel better and more confident in your all around life?  Have you made progress, not only in workouts, but in your daily lives? What do you like about the WAR program? Has living the WAR Lifestyle played a positive role in your life?  For those of you that have been doing this for a while I want this to be almost like a testimonial.  Think Deep. 

“If you think about it, it’s pretty exciting to know that you have the opportunity to learn an entire new lifestyle, the WAR lifestyle.  Change can be an incredible thing – a lot of people don’t think people can change.  I’m here to tell you – people can change, I did”– Dustin Hawkins

B. Journal Title: Living the WAR lifestyle & the Role it has & will play in my life?C. Becoming a Charitable Person Discussion: Learning to be a charitable person opens up new opportunities.NOTE: Lets have a good discussion tonight.  Think of something to bring up concerning Charity, or your WAR experience.  Your comment may help someone. Thanks.