Monday Red Session Week 6

Quiet Learning

WAR WorkoutA. Power Clean - build to a tough single in a few sets    +3 sets:3 tough hang power clean TnGsprint 30 m increasing speed throughout    Rest walk 3-4 min    +B. Row 2K Time TrialGYM NOTE: Find out where you are at on the Power Clean. We are also finding out where you're at on the 2K Meter Row- it's a time trial. That means 100% effort from start to finish. Make it happen.Classroom DiscussionA. Weekend Assignment Discussion – Understanding the Greater Good (Big Picture). Can you see the importance of making sacrifices in our lives for the greater good?  Goal of this assignment was to get you to change you weekend routine by giving something up for the greater good, by making sacrifices that will benefit others.  B. Journal Topic Discussion/Question: Can you see how by understanding the big picture can put things in perspective (Family, where & how you spend your time, progress, etc).  By making sacrifices for the greater good is a form of charity that will help you to learn to love and appreciate all things.  What is you definition of Charity?C. Journal Title: Becoming a Charitable Person & the Role it Will Play in My Life.