Thursday Red Session Week 5

The Way We Choose to See

WAR Workout5 sets of:5 muscle ups OR 5CTB/5 Ring Dips5 HSPU OR 5 Shoulder Press10 KBS - 70,5510 box jumps - 24/2015 double unders OR 30 Singles15 row cals    Rest walk 3 Minutes b/t Sets       +rest 5 minutes1 set all out:10 burpees AFAP25 double unders10 burpees AFAP25 row calsGYM NOTE: let's get better at these gymnastic movements,as well as double Unders. You have to practice at this sport to get good at it - it's just like anything else. If you aren't comfortable upside down yet, get comfortable, walk your way up the wall and then do holds. Time each individual round, as well as your last all out set. Set some goals to get your double Unders and Muscle ups; whether it takes you a year or two weeks, set a goal that you are going to get good at the movements you are weak at. Don't be afraid to fail. Make it happen.ClassroomA. Not being afraid of change; Why are we afraid of change?B. Down Time - A further lookC. Boredom - A further lookQuestions to think about before class: (Come ready to have a good discussion - bring something to the class.  Your comment may help someone)1) Are you afraid to change? Why? Examine this deeply2) How do you handle your down time? Or do you? Or do you run to the cloud change? Do you understand the concept of: "with any lifestyle change there is a period of downtime that one must endure before progress or real change can take place. You may even feel lonely".  Is it okay to feel lonely?3) Boredom? What do you do to deal with boredom?