Tuesday Red Session Week 5

Sky Moon

WAR WorkoutFor time Complete:25 squat clean - 95#/65#20 HSPU15  Burpee Broad Jumps (adv.15 Bar Muscle-ups)20 HSPU25 squat clean - 95#/65#GYM NOTE: This is a good one. The original OPT workout has muscle ups in it. Since we don't have rings that high, advanced will do Bar Muscle Ups. We should have some rings hung high by the end of the week so we can start working on Muscle Ups. Go hard on this. For those that struggle with HSPU, I still want you to do Handstand Holds while trying to go down, regardless of how short a distance you go. Half the battle with HSPU is getting comfortable upside down. Get comfortable, just don't break your neck. We will do some core work prior to doing this workout.ClassroomA. Journal Assignment: Read and analyze WAR in 70 words.  Where are you lacking in living the WAR lifestyle?  Where are you strong?  Write about it in your Journal.B. Journal Title: Applying all Aspects of WAR to my Life & the Role it Will Play.

WAR in 70 Words

Nutrition, therapy, spirituality, faith, hope, integrity,  opening up, writing in a journal, fitness,

staying active, communicating, spending time with family and the people you love, sport, hobbies,

friendships, support, self confidence, motivation, strong work ethic, reading, education, discipline,

character, love, self imagery, self examination, deep thinking,  positive thinking, service, values,

being a thankful person, being a humble person, diligence, patience, time management,

leadership, discipline, sacrifice, accountability, charity,