Monday Red Session Week 5

Spiritual High

WAR WorkoutRun 800 Meters 80%    +A1. Bench Press - BWT amrap; rest 20 secA2. AMRAP COVP chin ups; rest 5 min x 5    +Run 800 Meters 80%GYM NOTE: Since TDOOM & myself were the only ones who were able to experience this one on Saturday, I thought I'd program it again. If you can't do body weight bench press, then pick a weight that you can get at least 8 reps with. COVP means chin over vertical plane. Score is total reps combined. Stick to the rest. Work om keeping your Kipp tight, quick and efficient. The blue outside pull up bars force you to have a quick and efficient Kipp. TDOOM, you and I will do a little something different.Classroom DiscussionA. Weekend Assignment Discussion- "Workouts on Your Own"

“Doing WAR workouts on your own when feeling down or bored can lead to an incredible experience.  It can provide you with a natural high, endorphin rush, and a time to reflect by losing yourself in a workout”

“I have found great peace by losing myself in a workout – it almost becomes a spiritual experience.  Prior to the workout I could be in the worst mood, but after the workout the positive thoughts are back and I feel incredible”

B. Journal Topic Discussion/Presentation: "Making Sacrifices/Being Disciplined"