Saturday Red Session Week 4

Root of all Evil

Saturday JourneyPart 1A1. Bench Press - BWT amrap; rest 20 secA2. AMRAP COVP chin ups; rest 5 min x 5Rest 20 MinutesPart 2:Run 800 Meter Time Trial (Local Track)rest 2 hoursPart 3:for time:25 squat clean - 95#/65#20 HSPU15 muscle ups20 HSPU25 squat clean - 95#/65#GYM NOTE: These Saturday journey's are only for the advanced WAR athlete. 4 days a week is plenty for beginners - 5 days would be to much.  Body weight workouts such as running, trail running etc, are what I recommend for beginners (The Weekend Assignment).  Be active.  I have the X terra event up at Snow Basin in the morning.  Text me if your interested in participating in today's Journey.  I'll probably start part 1 around 1PM.