Friday Red Session Week 4


WAR Workout

5 sets of:5 Squat Snatch Touch & Go heavy5 Power Clean Touch & Go same weight10 Explosive Burpee High JumpsRest 4 MinutesGYM NOTE: Going back into the Squat Snatch today.  We will dissect & practice both the snatch and power clean for the first 25 minutes of Class. Come ready to learn, and more importantly be confident while working on, and performing each movement. Remember - good consistent back angel, dead to pockets, hips/pull, and then pull yourself under the bar, which finalizes the third pull of both movements (Snatch & Power Clean). Power clean we catch above parallel, the squat snatch we catch at the bottom of the OHS.  These are both challenging movements, but nothing feels better when you master them. These movements are what makes this game fun. Make it happenWeekend Assignment: Do a workout by yourself this weekend - be creative.  It's a great time of year to do a workout outside; make it unique, something that will challenge you.  The old South Ogden Junior High has an obstacle course back on the old football field where there are rings, pull up bars, push ups bars, and a large hill.  This is a great time of year to go and give that old PE obstacle course a try.  Do it for time, and think outside the box on the rep scheme.  You all have been doing WAR long enough to know how to program a simple body weight workout.  Utilize air squats, push ups, knees to elbow, pull ups, jumping pull ups, or whatever - point being, be creative and challenge yourself.  After the workout, analyze the experience and write about it in your journal.  The goal is to get you to see how you can create your own workouts at any given time to alleviate stress and anxiety. This is an important exercise, make it happen. Log loads used.