Thursday Red Session Week 4

I've Been Bit

WAR WorkoutComplete for a total time- including rests:Row 1K    +Rest 5 Minutes30 Ring DipsRun 800 Meters30 Ring DipsRun 800 Meters30 Ring Dips    +Rest 5 MinutesRow 1kGYM NOTE: This will be a good test of Will.  As stated - it's total time competed including rests. Push yourself to a limit you thought you couldn't go.  A lot of you are starting to get the movements down; the only thing you're lacking is intensity.  It's time to turn up the intensity.  Make it Happen, Cap'n.  Classroom DiscussionA. Making Decisions Based on Your Values Presentation/Discussion- "Personal Mission Statement"

"Values are those things that really matter to each of us ... the ideas and beliefs we hold as special.  Values help us to make ethical choices over our lifetime, and help us achieve our full potential" 

B. Journal: The importance of working on the classroom concepts & getting experiences and thoughts down on paper.

C. The Gym Journal & it's importance

D. Nutrition recap

NOTE: Come ready to have a good discussion.  Bring something to the table concerning your personal mission statement.  This is an important assignment that I hope you all are taking serious.  A personal mission statement is your personal constitution.