Tuesday Red Session Week 4

Confident Being Different

WAR Workout

4 sets of:15 power snatch - #95,#6515 burpees25 double unders (50 singles)    Rest 4 min after 1st set, 5 min after 2nd, 6 min after 3rd

Classroom Discussion

WAR Lifestyle Coach Presentation: "Mastering The WAR Movements". This presentation will be held in the Gym @ 7pm.

Personal Mission Statement

Stephen R. Covey

The constitution has endured and serves its vital function today because it is based on correct principles, on the self-evident truths contained in the Declaration of Independence.  These principles empower the Constitution with a timeless strength, even in the midst  of social ambiguity and change. “Our peculiar security,” said Thomas Jefferson, “is in the possession of a written Constitution.” A personal mission statement based on correct principles becomes the same kind of standard for an individual.  It becomes a personal constitution, the basis for making major, life-directing decisions, the basis for making daily decisions in the midst of the circumstances and emotions that affect our lives.  It empowers individuals with the same timeless strength in the midst of change.

Below is an example of my personal mission statement. Create your own – make it happen, its an incredible experience, and an incredible tool to use in your daily life.


Personal Mission Statement

 “My Mission is to be a leader within my Family and to help others in any way that I can”

To Fulfill this Mission :

Hard Worker

  1. I am a hard worker, not only at work, but in my home as well
  2. I am positive and proactive in both my family & professional life
  3. I am constantly working with my children & wife to strengthen my family
  4. I will always look for an opportunity to help someone

Good Example

  1. I am constantly striving to be a good example to my wife & kids
  2. I work with them on a daily basis in an effort to help them recognize their talents and goals
  3. I am active in the Church & constantly showing the important role spirituality plays in my life
  4. I provide service to my neighbors, family & friends


  1. I am patient with my wife and children
  2. I am patient, humble, calm & collected during difficult times
  3. When adversity strikes, I am patient – and make decisions based on my values

Self Control/Will Power

  1. I am free from all addictive harmful substances.  Substances that have a negative affect on my values, goals, & family.
  2. I am confident in myself & have the will power to JUST SAY NO.
  3. I recognize bad situations – and stay away
  4. I exercise faith and prayer, knowing that this will help me overcome my fears & weaknesses.