Thursday Red Session Week 3

Slow Down

WAR WorkoutPart 1 - Early A.M. On your own at your local TrackFor Time:Run 3K Meters (7.5 laps)    Rest 8+ HoursPart 2 -WAR Gym; Regular TimeFor Time Complete:10 Thrusters #95,75,65 (Adv.25 Thrusters)15 Supine Ring Pull Ups (Adv. 20)10 Hang Squat Clean #95,75,65 (Adv.25 HSC)15 Supine Ring Pull Ups (Adv. 20)10 Front Squat #95,75,65 (Adv.25 FS)15 Supine Ring Pull Ups (Adv. 20)10 Squat Clean #95,75,65 (Adv.25 SC)GYM NOTE: Make the double happen if you can.  Give yourself at least 8 hours recovery.  Live the WAR Lifestyle to the fullest.  The winner says he or she can make it happen regardless of time.  The loser says I don't have enough time.  Make it happen. "Strong people are harder to kill and more useful in life in general"-Coach RipWAR ClassroomSport's Psychologist Presentation- Dan Friegang, Phd "Finding What Works For You" @ 7pm sharp.  Be on time please.