Wednesday Red Session Week 3

Be Patient

When any lifestyle change takes place, there is a state of downtime that one must endure before his or her life can grow in a different direction.  Patience plays a key role in change.  Not only does the WAR program promote being “slow to anger”, but we also promote patience in allowing the WAR lifestyle to sink in and change you. Change just doesn’t occur because we say we want to change, or think we need to change.  Change takes time, it’s not immediate.  We have to be patient and willing to receive things slowly. We have to be diligent in our pursuit to change; and more importantly, have the ability to deal with the downtimes life often presents us with. These downtimes may be quiet weekends that are slow and a lot of times boring.  This doesn’t mean that life is now just boring, and that there is no hope to have fun.  It just means that we have to find positive and uplifting things to do that are in line with the WAR lifestyle.  We have to find something new that will feel that void in our life, like exercise, reading, movies, or any uplifting activity that is different to us – yet still entertaining.  We have to patiently grow in a different direction. Being patient means coming to the realization that there are no short cuts to growth; and that any attempted shortcut may seem to work for a time; but in the end we will be of no further distance, and may have actually regressed due to the falseness of our pursuit.Progress is a thing of beauty.  The path of life is a gradual climb, where no one person is perfect in their efforts.  Being patient, and developing a sound understanding of one’s self is vital to our growth and progress.  We make better decisions when we are grounded and patient.  We make better choices when we fully understand ourselves; meaning realizing what we can and can’t do; and recognizing where we can and can’t go. In our continuous effort to fully change we have to not only learn patience; but we must also gain an understanding of our own humility; which means we have to be humbled.  Patience, humility, and being a humble person work right along side with one in other. They are the missing cornerstones; the lost puzzle pieces, that if placed back together, we can once again feel peace in our lives.  Through WAR, we learn the importance of patience; and how patience can actually help in controlling our mood and impulsive behavior, which in turn helps us to remain clear and live life to the fullest.  WAR is an elite lifestyle that is set up for progress.  If you live this WAR lifestyle to the fullest, you will become a unique person that stands out amongst your peers.-Dustin Hawkins