Monday Red Session Week 3

Heroes of 9/11

WAR PROGRAM NOTE: Come ready to have a good week this week.  Make sure you are taking care of yourselves physically and mentally.  When you come through the WAR gates come ready to give it your all. Bring something to the classroom discussion tomorrow - we have a lot to discuss and work on.  I'm excited about the "Natural Man" Challenge that starts tomorrow.  I have spoken to some of you already about it - make this happen.  We will go over this challenge in great detail tomorrow night in the classroom.  This is an elite challenge that some may not be ready for quite yet.  It's a challenge for those who are serious about putting off the natural man, and becoming the elite man. WAR Workoutpart 1:3 rounds for time:Run 200 Meters25 double Unders  (50 singles)Rest 10 MinutesPart 2:For Total Reps Complete:1 min wall balls - 20# to 10ft1 min SDLHP - 75#/55#1 min box jumps - 20/14"1 min push press - 75#/55#1 min row calsRest 5 MinutesPart 3:3 Hill Sprints (100%)Rest- walk downClassroom DiscussionA. Making Good Decisions VS Bad Decisions Discussion/Presentation (we were supposed to discuss this last week, but due to the holiday we missed it).B. Importance of Reading Discussion/Presentation C. "Natural Man Challenge"-information & rulesD. Journal Title: Having Patience & the Role it Will Play in my Life