Saturday Red Session Week 2

The Simple Things

GYM NOTE: Get the run in whenever you can prior to 4. For those of you who haven't yet, I want you to experience the saturday Journey.  A 7am workout at the local track is a magical experience.  Get yourself out of bed, and make this happen.  There is so much happiness and joy to be obtained if you would only step outside of the box, and diligently search for it.  These little simple pleasure in life are so powerful, but they don't come out and grab you, you have to grab them in order to have the experiences I'm referring to. Make it Happen Capn's.  Text me if you are planning on coming at 4.  Hope to see you all at Recovery Days.WAR Saturday WorkoutPart 1: 7am (Go to a track)Run 400 m (1 lap) @ 90-95%     Rest 5 minRun 600 m (1.5 laps) @ 90-95%     Rest 5 minRun 800 m (2 Laps) @ 90-95%     Rest 5 minRun 400 m (1 Lap) @ 95-100% Part 2: 9am-2pmAttend Recovery Days in Ogden.  WAR will be there representing. It's located at the Ogden Amphitheater, 343 25th street, Ogden, Utah 84401. Make an appearance -Make this happen. Part 3: 4pm A. Clean & Jerk - Build to a tough 2 in 10 Minutes+3 Rounds of:Clean High Pulls for 1 Minute (95,75,65)     Rest 1 MinuteMan Makers for 1 Minute (30,20)      Rest 1 Minutekettle-bell Cleans 1 Minute (55,35)       Rest 2 Minutes