Thursday Red Session Week 2


WAR WorkoutA. Tabata Pull Ups - 4 Minutes (Low Score)    +5 Sets of:10 Touch & Go Squat Cleans (115,95,65-Advanced 15 Reps)Run 200 Meters   Rest 4 Minutes    +B. Tabata Supine Ring Pull Ups- 4 Minutes (Low Score)GYM NOTE: On Part A, it's just like it sounds - 20 on 10 off for four minutes.  Work on tightening your kipp up in an effort to eliminate to much movement on the bar - this will help your hands. On the met con interval portion we are looking for efficiency on the clean ( Dead to pockets, with a good  consistent back angle, hips go slightly before the pull; and then we are pulling ourselves under the bar for the third pull, and catching it in the rack - front squat position with our elbows high). The big thing on this movement is to be confident in what your are doing; listen to the cues, observe, and then make it happen - be an athlete.  Part B is just like it sounds; on our back pulling chest2rings.ClassroomA. Northern Utah Therapy - Gene Atkinson LCSW "Growing in a Different Direction" @ 7PM.  Don't be late.