Saturday Red Session Week 1

Blue Moon

GYM NOTE: Meet at WAR gym @ 9am sharp.  We will then drive over to the Nature park.  I have a double scheduled.  I will open the Gym back up at 3pm.  You cannot come to the 3pm unless you came to the 9am. Make it happen if you can.  Come join me on the Saturday Journey.  WAR Saturday Workout Part 1 @ 9amA. Nature Park Run - 2 Laps (A good challenging pace)B. Snatch - Build to a Tough SingleC. Clean & Jerk - Build to a Tough SingleD. 30 Challenging Hand Stand Push Ups for time (Advanced Ext. ROM)       +Rest 5 HoursPart 2 @ 3pmFor time:Row 25025 BurpeesRow 25025 BurpeesRow 250