Wednesday Red Session Week 1

The Dragon

Something springs the thought into our minds, and the Dragon instantaneously is nipping at our heels.  The thought started small - and slowly developed into a mind consuming battle where all focus has been lost.  If we were hungry before, our appetite is now gone.  If we were thirsty before, our thirst is now quenched.  Any plans or reservations that we may have had, are gone, and are in the back of our minds.  The only thing we are thinking about now is IT. 

People all around us ask, “What’s wrong”? “Why are you acting weird”?  Within an instant, our mood has been completely flipped upside down, and it’s very noticeable to all.  We are fighting an inner battle where we want to do the right thing, but as time goes on, we get weaker and weaker in our effort.  The Dragon starts whispering lies and deceit into our minds – “It’s not that big of a deal”-He tells us. “No one will ever know; just this one time is all”.  The Dragon helps us to start justifying our actions by telling us that everything will be ok; and that we need that instant gratification and pleasure.  The Dragon tells us that we can’t, and will not be happy without IT. He tells us that using IT is the single most important thing right now, and that we should go to great lengths to get IT.Now that we’ve got IT, the Dragon reverses his role and makes us feel guilty and low about our decision.  He puts depressing thoughts into our minds; thoughts of inadequacy, failure, and insecurity.  He magnifies the experience in both a negative and positive fashion.  Not only does He make us feel depressed about our poor decision; but He also hones in on the instant gratification and pleasure IT provided us with.  He causes an intense remembrance of how good it felt to escape for that brief time - making it all the more enticing to partake of IT once again.  He uses our memory against us in a unique - sly way, causing us to have mixed emotions and feelings of what to do next. What do we do next? Do we search for IT again?  Or do we stop the Dragon dead in its tracks?-Dustin Hawkins