Tuesday Red Session Week 1

The Elite Path

WAR WorkoutA. Hang Power Snatch 2,2,2,2,2.    +For Time complete 5 rounds of:500 Meter Row15 Burpee Push UpsGYM NOTE:  Let's get better at the hang power snatch. Let's work on a good aggressive pull with full hip extension.  The Burpee Push Ups are just like they sound.  You do a full chest2deck pushup and then hop up into a burpee.  These are slower and more controlled because you need to focus on a good ROM push up. Classroom DiscussionA. Nutrition Presentation: "What & how the WAR lifestyle coaches eat".  We will bring examples of what we eat in a given day.  We will also talk about the importance of Tying The Kitchen directly into the WAR workouts.  We are going to keep hammering the importance of diet and nutrition; it plays a huge role in this program.  Nutrition is the foundation to having a good experience in the gym.

“When my Diet is locked in, the WAR workouts become easier and more enjoyable because my body is fueled properly"

B. Journal Title: Tying the Kitchen Directly into the WAR Workouts & the Role it Will Play in My Life.