WAR Red Session Week 1

The Red Session

WAR Program Note: We start the Red Session this week.  I encourage you all to make this WAR program even more of a commitment in your lives.  Wherever you've been weak in this program, look to improve.  If that weakness has been the classroom -work on it.  If that weakness has been attendance - work on it. Etc, Etc.  This is an elite program, that produces elite results if done properly.  Don't take this program lightly -go hard in your effort to improve yourself.  If you take a passive approach to this program, you will get passive results.   This Red Session has some great concepts; concepts that will change your life if you'll let them. Get the most out of this WAR program; invest in yourself continuously. Make it happen.

WAR Workout

A1. 45 second Ring Plank Holds X 3    Rest 15A2. 45 second AB Mat Sit Ups X 3    Rest 75 seconds    +For Time Complete:Run 800 Meters21 Dead Lifts (225)Row 800 Meters21 KB Thrusters (55,35)Run 800 Meters

GYM NOTE: This workout is for time and will be scaled for many. This will be a mental grind - challenge yourself.  Notice the escape a workout like this provides; it hurts, but at the same time you can't really hear or think about anything, therefore a unique escape is provided.  We as addicts tend to be thinkers; in a workout like this you forget about everything in the world, and just focus on finishing the workout.  Look for it. 

Classroom Discussion Journal Topic Presentation: "Importance of Being Diligent"Journal Title: Being Diligent in Living the WAR Lifestyle & the Role it Will Play in My Life.