Thursday Black Session Week 6

Light Show

WAR WorkoutA. Go for a Run; Run 45 seconds @ 80-85%, Jog Walk for 60 seconds X 10.+Rest 5 Minutes7 Rounds for time:10 Kipp Pull Ups (Adv. CTB)10 Ring Dips (Scaled band OR 20 Bench Dips)GYM NOTE: Guesstimate on the run times.  We're all familiar enough with time to guesstimate how long 45 seconds and a minute is.  You can run anywhere, my suggestion would be to head west where there are less hills.  Wherever you want to take your journey is entirely up to you.  During your run & rest times I want you to almost meditate & analyze how you feel.  Try and think about positive things, and then push yourself on every run.  Let's loosen up those legs.  That last portion speaks for itself.  Make it Happen. Classroom DiscussionA. WAR Journal Topic Discussion:  ”Leadership” presentation/discussion.

“Be a person who carries them self with confidence, leading by example every step of the way”   

B. Black Session Recap: Hope, Nutrition, Self Examination, Education, The People you Love, Faith, Power of the Mind & Body, Spirituality, Confidence, Time Management, Being Active, Integrity, Character, Communication, Leadership = WAR Lifestyle = Amazing Human Being.  All aspects of the WAR lifestyle have to be practiced and work on daily.

“You have to constantly practice and work at living this WAR lifestyle.  It’s not just a one time thing.  If the WAR lifestyle isn’t worked on daily, then no real long term change will take place in your life”