Tuesday Black Session Week 6

Devil's Advocate

WAR WorkoutA. Back Squat Cluster- 2,2,2 X 4    Rest 3 MinutesB. 1-5 Hang Power Snatch Ladders in 5 Minutes (Adv. Hang Squat Snatch - 115,95,75)C1. 7 HSPU (Scaled shoulder press)    Rest 10C2. 14 Romanian Dead Lifts (115,95,65)    Rest 10C3. 21 Double  Unders (Scaled X 2)   Rest 2 Minutes X 5D. 100 Walking Lunges for timeGYM NOTE: Challenge yourself on the Back squat cluster.  The cluster is the same concept as yesterdays press cluster.  We will hammer the hang power snatch technique at the beginning of class.  Advanced people will do Hang Squat Snatch. You will do 1 drop it, 2 drop it, and so on and so forth until you reach 5. You will attempt as many ladders as possible in 5 minutes.  We will also go over the romanian dead lift.  It is a dead lift that starts in the hang position that travels down till a good stretch is obtained, and then you pull with your hamstrings to bring the weight back to the hang position.  Same concept as dead lifet - good C in your back, bar close to body, pulling with hamstrings.  Make it Happen.Classroom DiscussionA. WAR Presentation: WAR Lifestyle Coach Bub Hatch  "Setting attainable goals, Intensity in the Gym & the importance of Watching the Clock"@7PM. Don't be late.B. WAR Assignment: We are going to talk about setting some goals.  The assignment will be talked about in the classroom.  On a further note, I want you to write about your experience so far in the WAR program.  Write about it in your journal, or if you want, post it in the comments section of the Blog. Analyze the changes you have made so far through this program.  How do you feel physically? How do you feel mentally?

“You have to constantly practice and work at living this WAR lifestyle.  It’s not just a one time thing.  If the WAR lifestyle isn’t worked on daily, then no real long term change will take place in your life”