Monday Black Session Week 6

Optical Illusion

WAR PROGRAM NOTE: Get here 4 times this week.  The difference between three days and four days is huge in this WAR program. Keep working hard out of your WAR classroom journal, for it is the most important aspect of this program. Monday's & Thursday's are huge classroom days where we discuss the journal topics, and a WAR lifestyle coach does a presentation. Don't miss these days or any day for that matter. The classroom starts at 7PM sharp - don't be late. You can't be late to this program. When you are late you hold everyone up - don't be that guy, if anything be early. Tuesday's are usually day's when we have guest speakers. You can't miss these guest speakers. These are professionals that are taking time out of their schedule to come and present, and not to mention I pay them. Fridays we will usually just meet in the gym after the workout to briefly discuss the weekend assignment.   Make all of this happen. Lets have a good week. P.S. Friday's aren't day's off just cause it's Friday.  You gotta finish out the week on a good note so you can be strong all weekend.WAR WorkoutA. Push Press Cluster (Adv. Push Jerk) 1,1,1,1 X 6    Rest 3 MinutesB. WAR Hill Sprints - Stop sign to the Top. 100% effort X 5    Rest - Walk Down    +Rest 3 minute 50 Burpee Pull Ups for timeGYM NOTE: On the Push Press/Jerk cluster you will do 1, rest 10 sec, 1 rest 10sec, 1 rest 10sec, 1 rest 10 sec. & then rest 3 minutes.  You will do this 6 times.  Challenge yourself on the load, especially you who are more advanced - this shouldn't be easy.  Try to go up in weight each cluster of 4.  You should have roughly 6 different load scores by the end - log in your journal.  The Hill Sprints are 100% effort - go hard.  The 50 burpee pull ups speak for themselves.  You can switch grip any way that you want.  Let's have a good week.  Classroom DiscussionA. Weekend Assignment Discussion: Importance of being a strong communicator presentation/discussion.B. Journal Topic Discussion: By being a strong communicator we learn something about ourselves.  We learn how to be open and state our opinion confidently, which in turn leads to Leadership qualities. As our mindset continues to change we start becoming a leader, instead of a follower. C. Journal Title: Being a Leader & the Role it Will Play in My Life

“People everywhere are looking for someone to follow—for someone to lead them. A leader is a person who goes ahead of others to direct or guide them or to show them how to do something. Leaders not only tell others what to do and how to do it, they also show them by example. Leaders help others grow”