Wednesday Black Session Week 5

Finally Colors Again


I can't emphasize enough the importance of working on the things we talk about in the classroom, and then implementing them into your daily lives.  Remember, you can't just say you are a certain way and expect to be a certain way.  You have to work diligently at the things that we talk about in the WAR classroom.  Everyone who is doing this WAR program should be actively working on the things we talk about.   If you're not, what's the point of doing this WAR program?  Work on the nutrition aspect of this program; work on the classroom aspect of this program; work out of your classroom journal - get your thoughts down on paper; work on the entirety of this program.  Addiction is tricky, and so powerful that if you don't work on it relentlessly, it will continue to beat you.  We can work our physical bodies into the ground, but if we are not actively working on our mind nothing is going to change.  Brain Strength Training is the single most important aspect to learning this WAR lifestyle.  This means switching it up, getting out of your comfort zone, and trying a new positive way of life.  It means actively engaging yourselves in positive, uplifting, charitable activities that will help you grow as a human being.  We are all about progress here at WAR.  If you're not moving forward, your probably moving backwards.  Work, work, work - don't take this opportunity to change through this WAR program lightly.  If you truly want to beat the dragon you can, but you have to have the necessary tools and armor to beat him.  If you're not equipped with strong armor, the dragon will recognize this weakness, and never let you go.  This WAR program can be that protective armor, but you've gotta work diligently for it.

Make this WAR lifestyle happen for yourself and I promise you that you'll see all kinds of colors in your life that weren't there before.