Monday Black Session Week 5

 Road to the Storm

WAR WorkoutA1. Front Squat- 5, 3, 3, 3, 2 (last 2 should push you)Rest 10 secondsA2. Pull ups 10,12,15 OR 20 unbroken reps (Pick a scheme and stick with it - get better) X 5Rest 3 minutesB1. Bench press AMRAP X 4. (245, 205, 185, 135 - choose from these 4 loads, make it strength biased, low reps VS high reps)Rest 10 secondsB2. 10 KB Thrusters X 4 (55, 35,25)Rest 2 MinutesGYM NOTE: Let's have a good week this week.  Let's getter better at holding that bar in the rack position on the front squat - elbows high is key.  Challenge yourself on the pull ups, increase your rep scheme from last week.  Pick a bench press weight that will force you into a lower rep scheme.  Stick to the exact rest times. Record everything in your journal, and post loads & times to comments.Classroom DiscussionA. Weekend Assignment Discussion: Importance of Being Active presentation/discussion.B. Journal Topic Discussion: Being active in healthy activities helps us learn to appreciate the simple things in life again.  Your true integrity is brought forth when you realize that even the simplest of things can be enjoyable, with a sober clear mind.C. Journal Title: Integrity & the Role it Will Play in My Life