Thursday Black Session Week 4

Healthy Hobbies

 WAR PROGRAM NOTE: Nice work everyone.  Thanks for your efforts in this program.  Keep working on the full spectrum (classroom & Gym), both are equally important.  Work on implementing the stuff we talk about in the classroom into your daily lives.  It's up to you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to really change.  You CAN change, you just have to work at tirelessly with a relentless pursuit.  Addiction is a tough thing, that has to be worked on diligently, or nothing will change.  The WAR lifestyle is the answer you are looking for - just make it happen.  I love you all.  Thanks.-Hawk WAR Workout5 sets of:10 Thrusters (95,75,65))10 Pull Ups (Adv.CTB)    Rest 2 Minutes    +A.Tabata Situps (4 minutes-Low Score)      Rest 1 MinuteB.Tabata Push Ups (4 minutes -Low Score)GYM NOTE: Be aggressive on the thruster. Xplode out of the bottom opening up your hips prior to the press.  Tabata we are taking low score.  Be diligent in your Gym note taking, it adds to the experience and is a huge part of this program.  Remember - Friday is our day off this week.  We will be back to the normal schedule next week.  Keep makin it happen.Classroom DiscussionWeekend Assignment:  This weekend I want you to do something that you used to love to do – but have lost touch with over the years.  Think back to when you were young and innocent and do some kind of activity that used to be a big part of your life.  Some ideas could be: Hiking, Running, Walking, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Fishing, Etc.  Everyone has something that they used to like to do – so get back in touch with that something, do it, and then write about it. Journal Title: Being Active & the Role it Will Play in my Life.

 “Make this Happen – having healthy hobbies helps us spend our time wisely”

 “The healthy active person – is a happy person”