Wednesday Black Session Week 4

 WAR Highlight - Taylor Dumas

Taylor is on his 5th week of the WAR program, and the progress he’s made is incredible.  Just in 5 weeks he has become a person that everyone watches and looks up to in the gym.  Below are some of Taylor’s gym numbers.  Portion A is the first weeks numbers, portion B is the last week or so’s numbers, compare the two.  I should also note that he is killing it on the Metcon’s and Interval training.  Taylor did yesterday’s workout (as prescribed) doing the dead lift with 225lbs for 10 reps, & swinging the 70lb KBS for 10 Reps.  Look at yesterday’s workout, and you’ll realize how impressive that really is.   A. 1st Week NumbersBack Squat 165lbs for 5 Reps  Front Squat 0 for 5 RepsPush Press 115lbs for 5 RepsBent Over Rows 115lbs for 5 RepsDead lift 135 lbs for 5 RepsPull Ups in a Row 0 (Couldn’t even do 1 with a band)RepsPower Clean 0 for 5 RepsLying Tricep Extensions 65lbs for 5 repsKettlebell Swing 35lbs for 15 repsB. Numbers after 5 weeksBack Squat 255lbs for 5 Reps  Front Squat 205lbs for 5 RepsPush Press 175lbs for 5 RepsBent Over Rows 195lbs for 5 RepsDead lift 275lbs for 5 RepsPull Ups in a Row 17 RepsPower Clean 155lbs for 5 RepsLying Tricep Extensions 135lbs for 5 repsKettlebell Swing 70lbs for 15 repsNow those are some impressive strength gains just after 5 weeks of doing the WAR program.  The reason for these gains is simple, Taylor has made this WAR program a priority in his life.  I can count on him to be at WAR every night, and I know that he is going to give it his all.  He is diligent in his effort to get better & stronger at the movements in the gym, but more importantly he works hard out of the WAR classroom journal as well.  He thinks deep about the journal topics, and try’s to implement these attributes into his daily life.  He records all of his strength gains and progress in the gym, which is why I was able to show the difference in his numbers.  Taylor participates in the classroom, where he makes comments that inspire and help people.  He is doing this WAR program the way it is meant to be done.  He comes to class humble, clear, and willing to learn.  Taylor listens, and looks for opportunities to implement what he has learned.  I love this kid.  Thanks for doing this program the right way bro.  Keep working at the WAR lifestyle, for in it you will find lasting joy and happiness.  Love you brotha.  Welcome to the Brotherhood.