Monday Black Session Week 4

The Surf

WAR PROGRAM NOTE: We are going to have WAR Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday of this week, with Friday being the OFF day instead of Wednesday. The classroom portion of the program is at 6:50 for the 6PM Class & 7:50 for the 7PM class.  Be on time – that’s important.  WAR promotes being punctual and accountability.  If you are constantly late, you are doing something wrong (if your on time – your late).  In life you have to be on time.  Make it happen Cap’n.WAR WorkoutA1. 5 front squat/5 push press/5 thruster x 5 (115/95/75)    Rest 20A2. 10-15supine pull ups X 5    Rest 3 minutes    +AMRoundsAP in 10 Minutes of:5 Pull Ups10 Push Ups15 Air SquatGYM NOTE: We are backing off this week & possibly next week on the WAR Core lifts (Back Squat, Presses, Deadlift, Bent Over Row).  Thats not saying we won't do these lifts, we just aren't going to go heavy.  We are going to go lighter with more reps just to mix it up a bit.  Lets fine tune our technique and range of motion.  New people into the program will still be on the Starting Strength model.  Let's have a good week.Classroom DiscussionA. Weekend Assignment Discussion: Spirituality presentation/discussion.B. Journal Topic Discussion: Spirituality is a gift and is something that has to be worked on daily.  By becoming a spiritual person, you also become a Confident person. C. Journal Title: Becoming a confident person & the Role it Will Play in My Life