Thursday Black Session Week 3


WAR WorkoutRun 800 Meters - conversation pace+Rest 3 minutesA. Front Squat - 5 reps X 3 (Let's see where we are at for 3 work sets across for five reps) Rest 2-3 minutesB. Hang Powerclean/Thruster 6- 8 Reps X 5 (Let's see where you're at)Rest 2 MinutesC. Dead lift 5 reps X 3Rest 2 minutes +Rest 3 minutesRun 800 Meters - For timeGYM NOTE: Introducing the Front squat this week.  A lot of you will have trouble due to inflexibility in the rack position, don't sweat it, it will come.  Also, the front squat is hard on the wrists at the first, don't sweat it, it will come.  On part B we will hang power clean it, then go into the thruster.  Advanced can just do a squat clean thruster.  Lets push ourselves on this.  Try and go up in weight from Monday's Thrusters, even if it's just 2.5lbs.  Get stronger on the deadlift (refer back to journal of where you're at)  Let's get faster on the timed 800 meters from monday.  Stick to the rest times (between A,B,C and the runs)  Make it happen Cap'n. Classroom DiscussionA. WAR Journal Topic Discussion “Faith”- Exercise of Faith.

“Because of my faith I work through the struggles and difficulties in life with peace and assurance”

 “Because of my faith – even in the seemingly worst of times, I recognize with peace and gratitude that in reality it is the best of times”

B. WAR Presentation/Journal Topic Discussion: “The Amazing  Power of the Mind as it Relates to the Physical Body & the Role the Two Will Play in My Life”.

“If I put my mind to it I can accomplish anything”

NOTE: Lets have a good discussion tonight.  Your comment may help someone. Thanks