Tuesday Black Session Week 3

What Ball Park?

WAR WorkoutA1. Bent Over Rows 10 Reps X 5    Rest 15A2. 10,15 OR 20 (depending of skill level) Unbroken Kipp Pull Ups X 5    Rest 2 MinutesB. Tabata Ring Dips 5 Minutes (Scaled band or Bench dips)    +4 Sets of:5 Lying Tricep Extensions (Heavy-135,115,95,65)10 Burpees15 KBS (70,55)20 Box Jumps (24,20)Rest 3 MinutesGYM NOTE: Time each round on last section.  You will work with a partner - push each other on loads and interval training.Classroom DiscussionA. WAR Presentation: WAR Lifestyle Coach Bub Hatch, "WAR as a tool to stay on track"@7PM.  Please don't be late.B. WAR Assignment: Write in your journal what you think it means to use WAR as a tool to stay on track.  Do you understand the power of physical intensity, and the physical capabilities of the human body, and how the mind tells you to quit when in reality our physical body is capable of achieving so much more.  Can you see how by doing WAR workouts will help repair your confidence and self esteem? C. Journal Title: The Amazing Power of the Mind as it Relates to the Physical Body & the Role the Two Will Play in My Life