Monday Black Session Week 3

The Heavens

WAR PROGRAM NOTE: Please be on time.  We have some new people starting this week, introduce yourself, and welcome them to the family.  4 & 5 PM is WAR Strength & Conditioning. 6 & 7 PM are the WAR 12 week program classes.  The classroom portion of the program is at 6:50 for the 6PM Class & 7:50 for the 7PM class.  Be on time - that's important.  WAR promotes being punctual and accountability.  If you are constantly late, you are doing something wrong (if your on time - your late).  In life you have to be on time.  Make it happen Cap'n.

WAR Workout Run 800 Meters - conversation pace     +Rest 3 minutesA. Back Squat - 5 reps X 3 (Let's see where we are at for 3 work sets across for five reps after 2 weeks of the Back Squat Latter)    Rest 2-3 minutesB. Thrusters 6- 8 Reps X 5 (Let's see where you're at)    Rest 2 MinutesC.  Clean High Pulls 5 reps X 3    Rest 1 minute      +Rest 3 minutesRun 800 Meters - For timeGYM NOTE: New lift this week - Clean High Pulls. (Deadlift to mid thigh, hips, explode into high pull).  Lets find out where we are at tomorrow, and then get stronger.  This lift is a progression into the power clean/clean.  We are also going into thruster work/front squat, gearing up for the full Clean.  New people coming in will be starting with the standard (Starting Strength) core lifts (squat,press,dead).  Everyone is doing great logging in their gym journal.  Keep at it.  You have to know what you have done in the weeks past in order to progress in this program.  This is a program based on linear progression.  Post notes, loads, time to comments. Thanks.Classroom DiscussionA. Weekend Assignment Discussion: Importance of having positive people in our life.  Importance of Surrounding yourself with positive people.B. Journal Topic Discussion: Having positive people in our life can help us to see what is most important in our lives.  Solid relationships will help increase our Faith in tough times, knowing that things will get better as we strive to make good decisions, and do the right things.C. Journal Title: Having Faith & the Role it Will Play in My Life