Friday Black Session Week 2


WAR WorkoutA1. Lying Tricep Extensions 6 Reps X 4 (Heavier than last week)    Rest 15 secondsA2. Strict Chin Ups IN TO Kipp Chin Ups AMRepsAP (Advanced weighted) X 4    Rest 2 Minutes    +Perform for Time:Run 400 Meters25 Pull Ups  (Adv. CTB)Run 400 Meters25 Goblet Squat (70,55)Run 400 Meters25 KBS (70,55)GYM NOTE: Similar workout to Tuesday – only reps are different.  Smaller rep scheme, means we are looking to increase the load 10-20 lbs from Tuesday and even last Friday on A1. Push yourself of on the Pull Ups.  Advanced will go to failure weighted (Go Heavier), and then drop the weight proceeding into the Kipp.Classroom DiscussionWeekend Assignment:  Spend some good quality time with someone or the people you love.  People that play a positive role in your life – could be family, or a friend.  Maybe you go visit a loved one that you have lost touch with over the years. Maybe you designate a night to hang out with your parents.  Whatever it may be, make it unique to the point that your routine is changed, and you surprise yourself. Try and have a good positive conversation.  Think outside the box on this – and then write about it in your journal.Journal Title: The People I love & the Important Role they will Play in my Life.