Thursday Black Session Week 2

Quiet Introspection

WAR Workout A. Back squat latter 1-3 AMRoundsAp in 7 Minutes (Ex-1 rack it, 2 rack it, etc..Increase load from Monday, 10-20lbs heavier)Rest 3 MinutesB1. Bench Press 6 Reps X 4 (Increase load from Monday, 10-25lbs Heavier)B2. Bent Over Rows 6 Reps X 4 (10 -25lbs heavier than Monday)Rest 3 Minutes+4 sets of:3 Power Clean (Heavier Than last Thursday)Row 200 Meters (100%)Rest 2 MinutesGYM NOTE: Similar workout to Monday – only reps are different.  Smaller rep scheme, means we are looking to increase the load anywhere from 10-25 lbs from Monday on both A, B1 & B2.  Look to increase your load from last week on the Power Clean.  New people will be doing the dead lift.  Row is 100% effort.  Make it happen Cap’n. Classroom DiscussionA. WAR Journal Topic Discussion “Self Examination”: Inside out approach concept

"Self-understanding was never an easy prize.  The discovery of self is a profoundly spiritual experience, one that is possible for anyone willing to learn.  It does not come easy or by a casual effort.  One of the simplest ways to greater self-understanding is to keep a personal journal. A journal becomes a map for inward searching, a net to capture moments of spiritual insight, a treasury of thoughts and plans"

B. WAR Presentation/Journal Topic Discussion “Becoming educated about addiction and harmful substances”: What did you think about the Therapist’s presentation?  Do you see the importance of becoming educated about addiction and harmful substances?

“Knowledge is power

NOTE: Lets have a good discussion tonight.  Your comment may help someone. Thanks.