Tuesday Black Session Week 2


WAR WorkoutA1. Lying Tricep Extensions 10 Reps X 4 (Heavier than last week)Rest 15 secondsA2. Strict Chin Ups IN TO Kipp Chin Ups AMRepsAP (Advanced weighted) X 4 Rest 2 Minutes+Perform for Time:Run 400 Meters25 Box Jumps (20 inch)Run 400 Meters25 Wall BallsRun 400 Meters25 BurpeesClassroom DiscussionA. WAR Presentation Northern Utah Therapy: Chet Brooks LCSW, "The Stages of Change" @ 7Pm. Please don't be late.B. WAR Assignment: Rewrite in your journal what you learned from the Therapist today.  Think about the things that he talked about and how they relate, or could relate to you.  Can you see how by becoming educated on addiction, will help you to be able to avoid becoming an addict, or help you to manage your addictive behavior?C. Journal Title: Becoming educated about addiction/substances & the role it will play in my life.

“I will do my best to gain an understanding about the harmful affects that drugs and alcohol have on my body and mind.  I will always look for opportunities to examine my own addictive behavior with what I am learning, and will become a student that is constantly looking for ways to manage my addictive behavior”- Dustin Hawkins