Friday Black Session Week 1

My Little Girls Choice

WAR WorkoutA1. Lying Tricep Extensions IN TO Close grip Bench 6, 6 Reps X 4 ( increase weight from Tuesday ,10-20lbs)    Rest 15 secondsA2. Strict Pull Ups IN TO Kipp Pull Ups AMRepsAP (Advanced weighted into Kipp) X 4    Rest 2 Minutes    +Perform 21,15,9 Reps for Time of:Ring Push Ups (Deep)KBS (70,55)Knees2Elbows (Advanced Toes2Bar)GYM NOTE: Similar workout to Tuesday – only reps are different.  Smaller rep scheme, means we are looking to increase the load 10-20 lbs from Monday on A1. Push yourself of on the Pull Ups.  Advanced will go to failure weighted, and then drop the weight proceeding into the Kipp.  Looking for good range of motion on the Metcon (KBS all the way up, Knees actually touching elbows, and deep ring push ups) Make it happen Cap’n.Classroom DiscussionWeekend Assignment:  Write a letter, write in a card, or text someone this weekend (Family member, friend, grandparents, etc.)  Tell them about this new WAR program that you have started.  Tell them about the changes you Hope to make; and have made by doing this program.  At the end of this letter, text, or card, tell the person how much they mean to you.  Then I want you to write in your journal how you felt while writing the letter & after you sent it.NOTE: A text message is a powerful form of communication.  Send someone a meaningful text out of the blue and watch what happens.  You can make someones day through a heartfelt text message.  Make this happen - it's magical.