Tuesday Black Session Week 1

Bay Bridge

WAR WorkoutNOTE: Lying Tricep Extension is a new movement I'm adding for this next cycle.  A powerful tricep increases pressing movements such as bench press and push press. We are not doing skull crushers, you will miss the skull for longer range of motion by unlocking the shoulders in flexion, feeling for the bottom stretch and them aim and throw the barbell at the ceiling.  Pull with your lats & then throw the bar at the ceiling.  Great movement, I'm excited.  Post loads, time, and any comments you may have to the comments section.A1. Lying Tricep Extensions IN TO Close grip Bench 10, 10 Reps X 4Rest 15 secondsA2. Strict Chin Ups IN TO Kipp Chin Ups AMRepsAP (Advanced weighted) X 4Rest 2 Minutes +Perform 21,15,9 Reps for Time of:Wall BallsPush Ups - Hand ReleaseBox Jumps 30/24Classroom DiscussionA. Dietician Jacie Bailey Presentation: "How to properly fuel the body, and the benefits from doing so"B.  WAR Journal Assignment: Rewrite in your journal what you learned from the Dietician today.  Think about making changes to the way you eat, and the positive effect it could play in your life.  Diet plays a huge role in this program. C. Journal Title: Nutrition & the Role it Will Play in My Life