Friday Red Session Week 6


WAR WorkoutFor Time Complete:50 Kipping Pull Ups50 Push Ups50 Air Squats50 Walking Lunges (25 each leg)50 Sit Ups50 Burpees50 Calorie RowsWe are coming to the end of Week 6 of the Red Session.  We Start the black session on Monday.  Try to be even more committed these next 6 weeks.  We have a few new people starting on Monday; lets help them learn this WAR lifestyle. Let's help them find what they are looking for - a new life.WAR Weekend Assignment: Create a testimonial of how you've changed over the past 6 weeks.  Write some goals down of where you want to improve (In the Gym, Classroom, Journal topics, etc).  Write about some experiences you've encountered, and recognize the positive impact this program has had on your life.  Make it happen Cap'n.