Friday Red Session Week 5

Galaxy Rising

WAR WorkoutA1. KBSwing 45 seconds (70,55)     Rest 15A2. Calorie Row 45 Seconds    Rest 2 minutes X 3B1. Ring Plank Holds 45 seconds    Rest 15B2. AB Mat Sit Ups 45 seconds    Rest 2 minutes X 3C1. Kipp Pull Ups 45 seconds     Rest 15C2.Ring Dips 45 seconds    Rest 2 minutes X 3Classroom DiscussionA. Weekend Assignment:  Give something up this weekend.  Sacrifice something for the greater good.  Sacrifice time by helping someone, donate money to a charity, lend your car to someone, offer to share something with someone, sacrifice your routine by doing something with someone you love – movie, bowling, bookstore, church, Etc. B. Journal Title: Understanding the Greater Good (Big Picture) & the Role it Will Play in My Life.

“Make this happen - change your weekend routine by giving something up for the greater good, by making sacrifices that will benefit others”