Wednesday Red Session Week 5

WAR Highlight – Cole Boyer

I’ve known Cole for as long as I can remember, he’s like my brother in a lot of ways.  I’ve watched Cole go through some ups and downs throughout his life, where during the downtimes he’s shown incredible strength and courage in climbing out of the hole, and getting himself back on top where he needs to be.  What’s so impressive about Cole is his avid determination to not let addiction get him, or bring him down. Just when you think it’s got a hold of him, he surprises everyone, in which he works tirelessly to get back on track.Cole had a major neck surgery back in December, which was a huge set back for him both physically and mentally. The doctor released him to start working out (slow & light) again in the middle of April.  Since then Cole has made huge gains and progress both physically and mentally.  Cole has the “Go Big, or Go Home” mentality, so when he started doing the WAR program again in April, I had to pull him back, and slow him down a bit. His intensity in the gym is unmatched, and it shows in his strength gains.  Last week Cole had 3 PR’s (personal records) in the gym. He back squatted 335 for 5 reps; Push Pressed 185 for 5 reps; and Dead lifted 355 for 5 Reps.  Those are impressive numbers considering he had major neck surgery only seven months ago, and only weighs 175lbs.Now let’s talk about how Cole’s brain has been strengthened. Anyone who has been involved in the WAR program will tell you that the WAR workouts are hard and challenging.  The movements in themselves are challenging to learn, and perform. The workouts will push you mentally, where at times you will want to quit.  The WAR program takes discipline and dedication.  It’s four nights a week for an hour and a half to two hours; and within that time frame you are working at bettering yourself both physically and mentally. Cole’s intensity in the gym carries over into the classroom where he participates, and thinks deep about the journal topics.  He has shown great dedication, in which he never misses class, and always gives it his all when he walks through the door. Now think about this; if a person shows that kind of hard work and effort in trying to learn and live this WAR lifestyle, don’t you think that carries over into their daily life? Wouldn’t you think that Cole would work hard at his job, and at life in general if he’s carrying himself this way at WAR? The answer is absolutely.  He is changing both physically and mentally for the better.  Change doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a slow process where you have set backs. But with those set backs you learn the most about yourself, and then progress continues.Cole is starting to see life as it really is, and will not except anything else.  He works diligently in his effort to truly change his life for the better.  When Cole fails, he gets back to work determined to change his path, regardless of the set backs that take place. Cole can now see the benefit of living this WAR lifestyle to the fullest; and has found great comfort in knowing that his new found path is positive; and is one that’s going to change him for the better. This WAR lifestyle is at Cole’s fingertips; it finally makes sense.  It makes sense to the point that he can actually envision the incredible person he will become if he continues down this positive road; and thats a beautiful thing.I love you Colio. Im so thankful for our friendship and brotherhood. Thanks for helping me create this WAR program, I couldn’t do it without you. Just remember, when you have letdowns, and resort back to your old lifestyle, you have to recognize the darkness associated with that old lifestyle, and vow to yourself that you don’t want to go back.  You have to feel remorse and regret; and look at the set back as a reminder; a reminder of how incredible this new WAR lifestyle truly is; and that it’s real lasting happiness.-Hawk