Tuesday Red Session Week 5

The Bay

WAR Workout

A1. Hang power clean 45 seconds (Pick from 135,115,95,75)Rest 15A2. Row 45 secondsRest 2 minutes X 3B1. SDLHP 45 seconds (95,75)Rest 15B2. Box Jumps 45 seconds (24,20)Rest 2 minutes X 3C1. Chin Ups 45 secondsRest 15C2. Burpees 45 secondsRest 2 minutes X 3

GYM NOTE: I will assign everyone to a group. A,B, or C. Upon completing 3 sets at any given station, you will move to the next.  Ex) If you are at A, you will move to B, etc. Score is total reps and Calories. Once you have been through A,B,C - you are done.

Lets have a good week this week.  We've gotta work hard at getting better at everything (Strengthening the Body & Mind).  Let's improve ourselves. REMINDER: We have the Sport's Psychologist coming to present at 7PM.  Please be on time.  You don't want to miss this - he put's on an incredible presentation.

ClassroomA. WAR Presentation 7PM : Sport's Psychologist Dan Friegang, Phd. "Finding What Works For You"B. Journal Assignment: Read and analyze WAR in 70 words.  Where are you lacking in living the WAR lifestyle?  Where are you strong?  Write about it in your Journal.C. Journal Title: Applying all Aspects of WAR to my Life & the Role it Will Play.

WAR in 70 Words

Nutrition, therapy, spirituality, faith, hope, integrity,  opening up, writing in a journal, fitness,

staying active, communicating, spending time with family and the people you love, sport, hobbies,

friendships, support, self confidence, motivation, strong work ethic, reading, education, discipline,

character, love, self imagery, self examination, deep thinking,  positive thinking, service, values,

being a thankful person, being a humble person, diligence, patience, time management,

leadership, discipline, sacrifice, accountability, charity,