Wednesday Red Session Week 4

Rest Day


Nice work this week so far everyone - I'm thankful for you all.  Have a good rest day, and make sure you take care of yourself.  Ice any tweeks that you may have, and come ready to have a good rest of the week.  Keep working hard on the full aspect of the WAR lifestyle.  Keep making good changes to the way you eat, keep making progress with your nutrition.  Look for opportunities to help people whenever you can; there is no greater high than to really help someone.  Be that somebody who makes a difference, even if it's a small difference, for it's in those small differences that you can have the biggest impact on someones life.  Just by all of you being a part of this WAR program, you are making a huge difference.  We, together, are going to help so many people, and that's an amazing thing.  Love you all, and thanks again for being apart of this WAR program.