Monday Red Session Week 4

In a Bubble

WAR WorkoutA. Back Squat 5 Reps X 3 Rest 2 MinutesB. Shoulder Press/Push Press 5,5 Reps X 3 Rest 2 minutesC. Power Clean 3 Reps X 5 Rest 2 Minutes+Rest 5 Minutes3 sets of:Row 500 Meters3 Power Cleans/5 Thrusters (155,135,115,95,75,65) Rest 3 MinutesGYM NOTE: Start of Week 4, let's have a good week this week.  Take care of yourself nutritionally, make sure you are drinking enough water.  You have to fuel yourself properly or you won't make the progress you want.  Try to increase loads on Power Cleans.  For some, this will be your first time doing them - you are ready.  On the last portion of the workout you will drop the Power cleans each time as apposed to touch and go.  Drop it, get in good position, then go.  On the third one you will finish in the rack position and go directly into thruster.  Time all three sets.  Post loads and times to comments.CLASSROOM NOTE: Come ready to have some good discussions this week.  These discussions and journal topics are important.  The more you bring to the discussion the better.  Your comment may help somebody.  We have a great guest speaker this week.Classroom DiscussionA. Weekend Assignment Discussion - Being a Thankful Person: Goal of the assignment was to get you to see that we all have stuff to be thankful for in our lives.  By being a thankful person we learn to be: Appreciative, not take things for granted, see the big picture, live in the moment & appreciate the moment. When you start becoming a thankful person, you start to realize that you don’t need to be entertained and stimulated all the time.  Things that you never thought about start becoming important and you realize that there is more to this life than you could ever imagine.B. WAR Assignment: Create a personal mission statement.  (See my personal mission statement as an example - it's in your journal).C. Journal Title: Making Decisions Based on My Values & the Role it Will Play in My LifeD. WAR Recap: Go over everything we've talked about so far, and reiterate it's importance. How's everyone doing living this lifestyle?  Are you making progress?