Saturday Red Session Week 3


WAR Saturday WorkoutA . Nature Park Jog (As many laps as we feel like - meet at Gym first)B. Rink Plank Holds 1 Minute on 1 Minute off X 5C. Slow Ring Toes 2 Bar AMrepsAP 1 Minute on 1 Minute off X 5D. 30 Turkish Get Ups (Good Steady pace, but slow and controlled with good technique. Find some grass)

Being Thankful

What does it mean to truly be a Thankful Person?  A thankful person recognizes the simple things in life, and is able to magnify these simple things so much, that he or she finds an incredible amount of joy through them.  A thankful person learns to be thankful for the hardships in their life, knowing that these hardships will only make them stronger and more capable of handling anything that is thrown their way.  A person that is thankful is open about what they are thankful for.  This type of persons continuous effort to show gratitude for the simple things in life makes others think about what they are thankful for in their own life.  Therefore, this person becomes an incredible example to all.Being a thankful person is a wonderful attribute to obtain.  We can be thankful for the mistakes we have made in our lives, especially if we gain knowledge from these mistakes.  We can flip these mistakes upside down and turn them into something positive, in which learning from them will only make us stronger.Once we learn to be a thankful person, life takes on a whole new perspective.  We start noticing things that weren't there before.  Our eyes are opened up to a whole new world where things seem clearer and make more sense.  The people in our lives become more important to us.  We start putting what we value the most in our lives first.  We start recognizing our talents and full potential, knowing that we have been blessed with great opportunities. Opportunities that wouldn't have been granted to us were it not for the adversity in our lives.-Dustin Hawkins